Flying through the clouds

Private Charter

The fleets are perfectly coordinated with your wishes

Do you want to experience flying like in the golden era of air travel? Then chartering an aircraft is the best option in order to feel flying more directly and to experience it. Choose exactly the features which you would like to use and enjoy your flight: Beginning with the size of the aircraft through the propulsion type to catering. This freedom of choice is rare in the today’s age and reserved only for a few.

In the ideal situation the higher costs of this type of transportation are thereby compensated by the gain in time by direct flights and reduced waiting times, the selectness – which enables undisturbed working or scheduling a meeting, the flexibility which enables a fast change of the travel plans due to the individual planning. An additional advantage of business jets? Is that they are able to start and touch down on regional airports, thereby a laborious change of the means of transportation is not applicable.

We are your conductor of the flight preparations, obtaining approvals and the customs pre-declaration, so that you just can travel in a relaxed mood. The high-classiness will also be supported by the advantage of low minimum-check-in times of e.g. only NN minutes.

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