Flying through the clouds

Private Charter

The fleets are perfectly coordinated with your wishes

Whatever you are dispatching – you can trust our expert hands:

  • Aircraft on Ground situations (AOG)
  • On Board Courier (OBC)
  • Heavy and oversized freight
  • Equipment for the oil and gas industry
  • Automotive Cargo
  • Consignment of valuables (VAL)
  • Flights for peace keeping and peace enforcing
  • Aid supplies flights
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (DGR)
  • Fair logistiscs
  • Parcels and express services
  • Customs services

Air Cargo Charter always saves valuable time if this is necessary ! Unlike the transportation by sea the time between dispatching and the arrival at the destination is not several weeks anymore, in most cases Air Cargo Charter reaches its destination on the same day. Air Cargo Charter is especially profitable for companies if the opportunity costs of a delivery by land or by sea are comparatively high.

A lots of machinery and equipment is transported by air cargo charter. This starts with smaller machinery for the extension of the production capacity, however it can also comprise of whole generators or components, which are just about as large that they fit into the largest cargo aircrafts.
The consignee is able to avoid the down-time related costs like fix costs, costs for idle employees, costs for delays in deliveries and penalties for non-performance of the contract due to the high performance of the air cargo charter. Additionally orders can even be completely lost without air cargo and the fast establishing of the ability to deliver.

Important documents, small parcels can play a decisive role. Our trustworthy On Board Couriers are the reliable companions of your parcel. They are picking up, transporting with the next scheduled flight and deliver personally to the respective delivery address.