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Consulting shows the best practices and draws up resilient forecast calculations

We are pooling the know how within our organisational and consulting department in order to be able to provide this vast array of know-how for the aviation and travel industry. We can depict many practically oriented procedures and modes of operation which will make the charter- and scheduled air traffic more efficient and effective. This is especially for the fields of the passenger and the cargo services where we offer numerous services for the customs predeclaration as well as the approval of transports.
In case of carriage of passengers we will point out the best possible flow of information for all destinations where a previous transfer of passenger data (APIS data) is necessary.
Moreover we are capable to calculate the long-term operating costs and cost trends for the different types of aircrafts on the base of the variable costs and the fix cost block. With comprehensive statistical material like total cost, costs per offered seat kilometer or cost comparisons per off-block hour can be set up in a substantiated way.
Thus you will get a forecast of the costs incurring during a timetable period and their influencing factors even before commencing the flight route. Then you are able to contact the yield management and can check the meaningfulness of the investment or the opening of a new flight route.
Airline consulting is additionally a qualified point of contact if you need to draw up documents for asking for an offer. We can define specific time frames for every part of the workflow so that you can ask for a perfectly coordinated number of check-in-agents or loaders.

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